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We can arrange for you to experience how magnificent the underwater world is around our coastline.
You will be diving with divecenters next to The 4 Fish. We work together with 2 divecenters. One is only a 5 minutes walk from The 4 Fish. The other one pick you up for a free 10 minutes cardrive. They spot the most beautiful and weird species. If you enjoy taking photographs, than this is the place to be!

We bring your heavy diving and photograph equipment to the dive center.

Download a pdf with more info about “National Marine Park Bunaken”.


After guests begun asking questions and recipes about the tasty food that our cook Nona every evening with much love and dedication prepares, it was time to start the famous cooking class! In the morning, we go to the local market to buy the ingredients for the dinner that night. At the market we find all kinds of herbs, spices and vegetables we need for the cooking. Everything is tastefully stacked in little bowls. In the afternoon we start with the preparations of the food. This means lots of chopping and graining. Then the cooking begins. At dinner we will enjoy the results with all the guests together!

Download a pdf with the recipes from Nona.


We offer different kinds of interesting tours and activities. Volcano, Spice and a Tangkoko Tour, Rafting and two Waterfall Hike trips.

VOLCANO TOUR – Hiking the Mahawu volcano

From the starting point to the top of Mahawu is 1.5 km or 50 minutes walk. It is an easy walk to this active volcano, which is part of “The ring of fire”. There is also a possibility to walk around the perimeter of the crater in another hour.

The last recorded eruption was in 1958. Other volcano’s in the area are still active. The volcano is capped with 180 m wide and 140 m deep crater with two pyroclastic cones in the northern flanks.

Day tour including lunch on the way.

picture space

SPICE TOUR – See the great landscape

This tour is to explore the highlands of the Minahassa Provence and to see the spices grow as they did back in the VOC time. Passing through the breathtaking scenery of the native landscape it brings you to Tomohon, the city of flowers, which is located between two volcano’s Mt. Lokon and Mt. Mahawu.

We will have lunch in a small but good local restaurant. Then we go on to the sulphurous Lake Linow for a locally made coffee or to visit the much bigger lake of Tondano. After lunch we pass the village of Woloan, which is the center of the making of traditional wooden Minahassa houses. On the way back we can enjoy the view of a beautiful valley with rice fields.

Day tour including lunch on the way.

spice tour

TANGOKO TOUR – Explore the jungle

Departing from Manado at 1pm we head for Batu Putih village in the East of Bitung region where one of the most impressive Nature Reserves in Indonesia is located called the Tangkoko National Nature Reserve.

It is an easy and enjoyable trip to explore the spectacular jungle with excellent possibilities to see the unique tiny “Tarsius” known as the smallest primate in the world. If we are lucky, in the afternoon we might see a group of big monkeys known as “The Black Macaca Nigra”, along with the Hornbill bird and the Cuscus.

Day tour including lunch on the way.

tarsius at tangkoko

RAFTING – See the great landscape

We depart at 9 o’clock to Timbukar (40 km, 1,5 hour drive) through the Tomohon and Sonder district. There you will experience the adventure and rapids of Nimanga River.

The white–water rafting journey will stun you. It goes through the river segments with fantastic different classes of rapids ranging from intermediate to advance. You will be accompanied by professional rafting guides.

Note: Please bring a change of clothes, towel, T-shirt, short pants for rafting, sport shoes or sandals for your feet.

Day tour including lunch on the way.


WATERFALL Talawaan – Enjoy the beautiful landscape and culture

This trip will take you to a waterfall located on the back side of the airport. In 15 min we walk trough a small forest where birds are singing and butterflies appair If you like you can take a refreshing swim. On the way back we can enjoy local fried bananas and tea.

The trip will go on to Tomohom. On the way we will visit “the Waruga, and Japanese caves” Lunch at lake Tondano.

Day tour including lunch on the way.

waterfall hike

WATERFALL HIKE – Enjoy a relaxing walk

This trip will take you on a 20 minute walk to a beautiful waterfall just outside Manado. Whilst walking and enjoying the natural surroundings you will find local herbs growing just alongside the footpath.

Possibility to explore Manado after trip.

Half day tour.

waterfall hike
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