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The easiest way from Europe to Manado is via Singapore or Jakarta. There is a 4 times weekly flight to Manado on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from Singapore. Operated by Silk Air in alliance with Singapore airline. There are many airlines fly daily from Jakarta to Manado.

We can pick you up at Manado Airport or you come by yourself with a taxi.


DOMESTIC flights:
3 times daily Jakarta – Manado – Jakarta
4 times daily Jakarta – Manado – Jakarta

If you need “Visa on Arrival” you can pay this in Euro. You can extent your “Visa on Arrival” 1 time for 30 days again. This process takes about 3 days.

US Dollars are welcome, but banks and money changers like more the Euro.

Malaria hasn’t been spotted in Tongkaina for the last 20 years. There are hardly any mosquitos. We advice if you stay only in our area, not to take anti-malaria tablets. Just use a good mosquito repellent. We have good and local ones available.

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The temperature is in the dry season, April until November, around 30° Celsius.

The most practical and comfortable clothes to wear in tropical temperatures are made from cotton. It’s better to avoid clothes made from syntactical fiber.

Click for more information about the weather in Tongkaina

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The 4 Fish is located about 17 km in the north of Manado City.

To go to the city you can take a local transport, named BEMO. They bring you in about 45 min to the center of Manado.

You can also ask for a Taxi ”Blue Bird”. You have to order in advanced. It takes mostly 45 min before there is a taxi, because they have to come from Manado.

There is also a possibility to go with our driver.
He can bring you, and if you like, he will wait for max. 3 hours to pick you up again, if he’s available.

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